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    Gallnut honey

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    Gallnut honey

    Gallnut honey
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    Galla honey is a kind of Chinese medicine honey, which is harvested from the gallnut nectar of the sputum and diarrhea. It is native to the Qinling Mountains and the Wuling Mountains.

    Gallnut honey

    Galla honey belongs to Chinese herbal honey. The gallnut nectar from the intestines and diarrhea is slightly darker in color, sweet and slightly bitter, with a slight aroma of traditional Chinese medicine. This product has detoxification, diarrhea, bactericidal and astringent effects. It has good adjuvant effect on lung and kidney deficiency, spleen and kidney deficiency, shortness of breath, and phlegm and phlegm. It is especially suitable for daily diet and health care for people with weak sweat, lung deficiency, kidney deficiency, long-term diarrhea, blood stasis and blood in the stool.

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