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    Huái huā honey

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    Huái huā honey

    Huái huā honey
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    The nectar is a spring honey species that is produced in most of the Yangtze and Yellow River basins in China. The color of the nectar is watery white and yellowish, the consistency is moderate, it is not easy to crystallize, and the entrance has a light musk. 槐 nectar can go to wet diuretic, cool blood to stop bleeding, have diastolic blood vessels, lower blood pressure and blood pressure, and is used to prevent stroke, but also has the effect of clearing heat, resolving and moistening dryness. It is suitable for the health care of cardiovascular patients.

    Huái huā honey

    For people

    This nectar is a spring honey. It is watery white and yellowish, and the entrance has a light musk and is not easy to crystallize. Friends of damp heat, spleen and stomach deficiency should be used with caution, and patients with diabetes should be careful.

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