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    Honeycomb honey

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    Honeycomb honey

    Honeycomb honey
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    Honeycomb honey is a bee nest that is eaten together with honey. It contains not only natural mature raw honey, but also natural nutrients such as beeswax and bio-propolis. It is sweet and refreshing to eat, and has a strong honey flavor. Long-term consumption also has the effect of nourishing the lungs, nourishing and eliminating the body virus and increasing immunity.


    1. Improve sleep

    Honeycomb honey, known as high heat energy, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, nourishing the lungs and invigorating the intestines, protecting the liver and detoxifying, and can effectively improve sleep and play a health care role for the body.
    2. Improve nasopharyngitis
    Nutrients such as various biological enzymes, propolis, beeswax and royal jelly in the honeycomb honey can sterilize and reduce the bacteria inhaled into the nasopharyngeal cavity, and have certain effects on improving nasopharyngitis.
    3. Protect the teeth
    Honeycomb honey has the same ingredients and functions as ordinary honey. It also has beeswax and a small amount of propolis. Propolis can kill most harmful bacteria in the mouth. Propolis is chewy. It is a rare natural organic chewing gum. Nest honey can clean the mouth, protect the teeth, slow down and clear mouth ulcers and swelling.
    4. Promote liver cell regeneration
    Honeycomb honey can promote hematopoiesis and hepatocyte regeneration, promote liver function recovery, and have a good medical effect on hepatitis.
    5. inhibit cancer cell growth
    Honeycomb honey can increase the phagocytic rate of phagocytes, inhibit and kill a variety of cancer cells, and is a good auxiliary for radiotherapy for cancer patients.
    6. Improve immunity
    The large amount of trace elements and active enzymes contained in the honeybee honey soften blood vessels and lower blood lipids, which can effectively improve gastrointestinal function. Long-term consumption can improve immunity and improve sub-health.
    7. Beauty and beauty
    The nutrient content of honeybee honey is far greater than the nutrient content of honey. If women who love beauty can eat it regularly, it can restore skin elasticity, moisturize and ecchymosis, delay aging, and make people feel refreshed.

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