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    Rape flower honey

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    Rape flower honey

    Rape flower honey
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    Rape flower honey features! The rapeseed honey has just been taken out and is a light amber liquid. It usually begins to crystallize in about 5 days and turns into a white lard. The raped honey after crystallization, the higher the concentration, the better the quality. After crystallization, the color must be white, the finer the crystal, the stronger the concentration, the higher the concentration, and the better the quality.

    Rape flower honey


    Rapeseed honey contains protein, multivitamins, more than 18 kinds of amino acids and enzymes, and has a cosmetic effect of nourishing skin care. Moreover, there is a large amount of antioxidants in honey, which can remove the garbage in the body - oxygen free radicals, and has a good effect on anti-aging. Generally, the mature honey has a water content of 18% to 22%, which has a hydrating effect on the skin. Therefore, eating rapeseed honey often can make the skin become smooth and ruddy, and it can improve the beauty of the skin.
    2, anti-inflammatory antibacterial
    The acid contained in honey accounts for about 0.1% of the total amount, and most of them are organic acids, which have a strong antibacterial effect. Therefore, we usually use canola honey to apply when there is a small wound, which can reduce the pain and promote the healing of the wound.
    3, conditioning the stomach
    The enzymes in rapeseed honey have a conditioning effect on the stomach and intestines. When the gastric acid secretion is too much and too little, it plays a regulatory role. In addition, acetylcholine in honey can enhance the gastrointestinal motility and promote daily bowel movements. People with gastroduodenal ulcers drink a cup of warm water honey about an hour before meals, which can inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and protect the gastric mucosa, and the body recovers faster.
    4, improve immunity
    Higher levels of vitamins and zinc in honey can enhance the body's immunity and improve immune function.
    5, protect cardiovascular
    Minerals such as calcium and potassium in rapeseed honey have the function of dilating coronary arteries and regulating myocardial function.
    6, relieve prostate symptoms
    Flavonol in rapeseed honey belongs to flavonoid glycosides. Flavonoid glycosides and vitamin E have a regulating effect on androgen, which can reduce the prostate and have therapeutic effects on prostate enlargement. Moreover, amino acids such as glutamic acid and proline in rape flower honey can improve the blood circulation of prostate tissue and alleviate the imbalance of men's endocrine system.
    7, other effects
    Rapeseed honey has the effect of expanding blood vessels, and it can be well prevented for vascular occlusion. It is generally suitable for people in later years and those with higher blood lipid concentrations. Rapeseed honey is also a kind of blood-filled honey. It has a good effect on treating anemia. It is a woman's health honey.

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