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    Acacia honey

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    Acacia honey

    Acacia honey
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    The nectar of the nectar is white and transparent, thick in texture, high in fructose content and difficult to crystallize; it has a light and fragrant scent of scented flowers, sweet and fresh, and tastes palatable; it is the finest honey product of mass production in China, and it is also a large number of years. Export, the highest price of honey.

    Acacia honey
    The color of artichoke honey is generally water white, ultra-light amber, clear and transparent, the more pure the color of the artichoke honey, the more pure, the darker artichoke honey is not pure artichoke honey.
    The taste of the artichoke honey is sweet but not greasy. It has the floral aroma of acacia, is not easy to crystallize, and has a high ratio of fructose. The fructose is easily absorbed by the body and has the ability to be converted into fat less than glucose. It is suitable for adolescents and middle-aged people. honey. The sex is flat and cold, and it is most suitable for people who get angry. At the same time, the artichoke honey has a good cosmetic effect. It can be used as honey water or used to make honey mask.
    Acacia honey features:
    (1) The content of fructose in honeydew is very high, it is easily absorbed by the body, and the ability of fructose to turn into fat is less than glucose, which is an ideal food for adolescents and the elderly;
    (2) The honeydew also contains hedgehog and volatile oil, which can be antibacterial, antiseptic and antitussive, clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing the heart, and quenching the thirst. The honey has the functions of moistening the intestines, moistening the lungs, preserving the antiseptic, detoxifying and nourishing the spleen and kidney.
    (3) The color of the honey is light, transparent, not suitable for crystallization, convenient for consumption, water white, white or light yellow;
    (4) The girlfriends have a fragrant aroma, delicious taste, sweet and refreshing, sweet but not greasy, and are loved by people all over the world.
    Applicable people: dry throat, dry cough without phlegm, intestinal dry constipation, spleen and stomach weakness, frail disease, physical weakness after illness, malnutrition
    Acacia honey application: silk flower honey beauty, silk flower honey weight loss
    Pharmacological action
    Acacia honey is cool and has the effect of removing dampness and diuresis, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. It can maintain the normal resistance of capillaries, relax blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent hardening of blood vessels, lower blood pressure and blood pressure, and prevent it. Stroke, but also has the effect of clearing heat, replenishing poison and moistening dryness. It is more suitable for the health care of patients with chronic diseases and cardiovascular patients, especially for the elderly.
    Regular serving of acacia honey can improve people's emotions and achieve the effect of calming the nerves. Middle-aged insomniacs taking acacia honey before going to sleep can reduce the stimulants of the central nervous system, play a hypnotic role, and avoid the addiction of taking hypnotic drugs.
    Acacia honey has a certain effect on atrophic rhinitis. When washing your face every morning and evening, use tap water to wash your nose in the nostrils, remove scars and secretions from the nasal cavity, fully expose the nasal mucosa, and then use a cotton swab or The commercially available artichoke honey is evenly applied to the affected area of the nose. After insisting on treatment for more than two months, the nasal itching will disappear, there will be no crusting-like secretions, and the sense of smell will basically return to normal.
    Acacia honey also contains hedgehog and volatile oil, which can be antibacterial, antiseptic and antitussive; clearing away heat and detoxification, wrinkle and eliminate spots, nourishing the body and calming the stagnation.

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