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    Jujube nectar

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    Jujube nectar

    Jujube nectar
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    Jujube nectar is amber and dark, and the honey juice is transparent or slightly turbid and shiny due to different varieties. The texture is viscous, and the jujube nectar is not easy to crystallize. It takes a long time to see the slow crystallization process under low temperature conditions.
    The smell is turbid and has a special rich scent (jujube scent). Sweet, sweet, slightly spicy
    Sweet and delicious, especially for women

    Jujube nectar

    Jujube nectar is rich in nutrients, high in food value and medicinal value, especially high in sugar and vitamin C. It also contains more mineral iron and copper. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes tissue regeneration, moistens the lungs, and supplements. Spleen and kidney, detoxification and liver protection, strong heart and blood, regulate blood sugar and blood sugar, regulate nerves, improve sleep, skin care and beauty, health and longevity, anti-aging and other effects.

    1. Sugar: Jujube nectar has a very high content of sugar, which is high-sugar and high-energy food, mainly fructose (47%) and glucose (40%). These two sugars are easy to digest and absorb, and can quickly increase blood sugar after consumption. Suitable for people with low blood sugar.
    2. Vitamin C: The content of vitamin C in jujube nectar is very high, and it has strong anti-oxidation. Regular consumption of this kind of honey can effectively delay cell senescence, inhibit cell cancer, improve liver function, and have strong anti-aging effect. .
    3. Plant acid: Jujube nectar also contains high plant acid, which is the main reason for its not easy to deteriorate. It can be used for external treatment of wound infection, and can also be used for internal treatment of gastrointestinal ulcer.

    Jujube nectar is a high quality honey with deep color and high sweetness. It has jujube fragrance, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, promotes tissue regeneration, moistens the lungs, invigorates the spleen and kidney, detoxifies the liver, strengthens the heart and blood, regulates blood sugar and blood sugar. , regulating the nerves, improving sleep, skin care and beauty, health and longevity, anti-aging and strengthening the body. Suitable for the elderly and young women, the nourishing effect is good.

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