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    Company address: No. 1707, Zhongshan West Road, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 258

    Office phone :0311-84165331 fax 0311-85203213

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    The company's products were so popular that they were sold out.

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    On August 25, 2018, Hebei Yulin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. began to evacuate in the bee farm in Zhangjiakou Kangbao County. The rapeseed honey, rapeseed pollen, royal jelly and buckwheat honey were harvested in Kangbao County! Rape pollen has a good effect on male prostate, and it is very popular in the local area and is sold out by local residents! This time, I was well prepared for wintering in the winter of the apiary in Zhangjiakou!

    Hebei Yulin Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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